About oak street stage

What is Oak Street Stage?

Oak Street Stage is a venue, and it’s also an idea. We work hard at being a high quality listening room that welcomes everyone.

We’re about making connections between artists and audiences. And we’re a platform that includes artists, donors, sponsors, attenders, vendors, and partner organizations like Fogartyville Community Center, the Jazz Club of Sarasota, and the Harvey Milk Festival. We’re always looking to widen our circle of partners to include other non-profit groups and causes. 

Where is it?

Events are held at 2050 Oak Street on the campus of First Presbyterian Church, Sarasota. Most concerts are held in Oak Street Hall, with its intimate 150-200 person seating capacity and its café/listening room atmosphere. We also sponsor a Sanctuary Series under the Oak Street umbrella for events that are classical/traditional in content or that anticipate a significantly larger audience. 

Is it a religious thing?

Oak Street Stage is owned by First Presbyterian Church. Concerts are non-sectarian, however, which means that we’re not promoting any particular religious viewpoint. Artists are chosen for their quality alone, irrespective of their views on spirituality, politics, sexuality, or anything else. We love good music and we think it makes us feel better, think deeper, and care more.

What does it cost?

Oak Street Stage does not charge admission so we can extend welcome to anyone regardless of their ability to pay. We do rely, however, on donations at the door to pay our musicians. We also accept gifts beyond donations at the door to provide working capital, which we use for artists’ contractual deposits, advertising, website maintenance, graphic design, and other necessary expenses. Donations may be made here on this website or may be sent to First Presbyterian Church at 2050 Oak Street, Sarasota FL, 34237. Be sure to designate Oak street Stage or Oak Street Sanctuary Series on your check. Donations are used for Oak Street Stage only and do not support programming at First Presbyterian Church. 

Who runs it?

Oak Street Stage has a dedicated leadership team that includes these people:

Steven Phillips, Artistic Director
Frank Frey, Team Leader
Annette Landes
Dottie Albright
James Millikan
Sue Hargis Spigel
Rachel Martin
Devin Gulliver